SUSS LP50 / Dimatix DMC inkjet print head integration module

Print head assembly (PHA) by JB Instruments GmbH. Allows to use Dimatix catridges (DMC) with the PiXDRO LP50 inkjet printer (top view)

You are working with a SUSS LP50 inkjet printer with PiXDRO technology and you want to use the extremely versatile Dimatix SAMBA cartridge (DMC) print heads with that machine? Then this integration module is exactly what you need.

SUSS LP50 / Slot-die Coating Module

The novel slot-die coating module from JB Instruments turns the LP50 printer into a high precision sheet to sheet slot-die coater with unprecedented flexibility. This way inkjet and slot-die coating processes can be carried out using the same machine minimizing investment and footprint in the lab. The camera system and the flexible motion capabilities of the LP50 allow precise adjustments, control and things you cannot do with any other slot-die coaters for example printing multiple coats next to each other with different parameters in one run.