Print head integration module PiXDRO LP50 / Dimatix DMC

Print head integration module PiXDRO LP50 / Dimatix DMC

You are working with an PiXDRO LP50 inkjet printer and want to use the fantastically versatile Fujifilm Dimatix Cartridge (DMC) print heads? This integration module is exactly what you need. The module connects to the corresponding head personality box of the PiXDRO inkjet printer and allows to use the DMC print heads. Supported cartridges:  DMC-11610 (10pl), DMC-11601 (1pl), DMCLCP-11610 (10pl), DMCLCP-11601 (1pl) as well as the recently released SAMBA Cartridge.

The print head assembly (PHA) allows the precise mechanical integration to the PiXDRO LP50 printer. The Dimatix cartridge can be placed very easily.


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The print head assembly can be mounted easily and features some LEDs to indicate the operation mode.  Ambient LEDs (not visible on this picture) can be used to illuminate the working area.  All plugs allow a very conventient connection of the print head interface (PHI) and the pneumatic system of the printer.


To convert the signals coming from the PiXDRO LP50 head personality box the module features a print head interface (PHI) electronics box. It fits to the slots of the PiXDRO LP50 and is readily mounted. Please note that in the latest generation of this kit the PHI is completely integrated in the  printhead assembly.

As you still will need a suitable head personality box and some software updates this product is integrated into a complete bundle, a full integration kit, which is provided by SÜSS MICROTEC SE.  Please check  für more information on the inkjet printers. For this product we have licensed technology from Fraunhofer ISE.

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